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Mission & Vision

With diligent compassion, we provide tools to build our community’s health while empowering individuals to become self-sufficient in their health. 

We take most Insurance!

- Naturopathic Primary Care

- Genomic Bioinformatics, personalized nutrition and health goals based on your DNA

- Prolozone Injections for pain and joint regeneration


I started going to this clinic sometime in January because I wanted to seek out more natural healing. My body had become a war zone and the AMA doctors were not helping me. All they did was give me drugs and more drugs to counteract the side effects of the previous drugs until I was fed up. Joanna and her staff have helped me tremendously!! In 4 months I've gone from being a Type 2 Diabetic to "normal" and am on no diabetic medications; high blood pressure - almost down to normal and am now titrating off high blood pressure medications; totally titrated off proton pump inhibitors - which was very difficult to achieve, but together we did it. I am now working on my liver and my weight and eating habits; I'm on the road to wellness and am so so pleased with all the wonderful results. I'm feeling so so much better and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My husband has many of the same things to say, since he was fed up also and is going there too. I highly recommend this clinic for ANYONE tired of the protocols of physicians that don't understand the human body and what it truly needs for health. THANK YOU !!!!”

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